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updated fri 30 apr 99


mel jacobson on thu 29 apr 99

well, now you have gone and done it.
kurt wants to build the coffin kiln at the
farm in just a few weeks. he is all revved
up. of course he will build the mini version.
well, not so small we use toothpicks to fire it.
just really small.
he is fussing around, driving us all mad.
`get bricks, get bricks, clean a space,
bug tom wirt.`
make tom wirt carry heavy bricks and block........(he ain't smart, but
he can carry heavy stuff.)
so, THANKS A BUNCH...damn cannucks and texas full timers.
now we will have two wood fired kilns.
boy, i am nervous....he will want me to weld, but i won't.
`get kerry and andrea to do it.......they are better.`
must be almost may. the farm gang is gettin' crazy.
we will let you all know how it turns out.
maybe do a mini work work.
never ends.......but you know what? we love it.
and the research is for everyone. that we give away.

as tom wirt said in a note to me yesterday.
`standards, that is what we need, standards.
for both glaze, clay and research`.......standards.
could become the most important thing that clayart
can do for the profession.
something to mull around.