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summer tea bowls

updated sat 29 may 99


Joyce Lee on fri 28 may 99

Click on the following url for great pictures of tea bowls by the
season. Once you get into the site, under Table of Contents, select
"Four Principles of the Way of Tea." Secondly, click on WA (Harmony).
Thirdly, click on the Summer teabowl picture ... there you are.

This site, by the way, has just about everything you would like to know
... and much more ... about Chado, The Way of Tea.

In the Mojave considering a glassa' .... infidel that I am ... actually,
Mama Luce would say "heathen" as in 'you little heathen; get in there
and change those clothes ... this is church we're going to, not a weiner
roast." (don't ask why "weiner roast" ... just the way it was.)