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fw: re: kiln wash

updated mon 31 may 99


Frank Gaydos on sun 30 may 99

> Subject: Re: kiln wash / ITC100
> Because we have a lot of rank beginners in our intro to pottery classes
> the resulting running glaze 'experiments', I thought that ITC 100 would
> as a 'protective coating' as mentioned in the article. If it worked with
salt it must work with >glazes right?, Wrong! After coating four new shelves
with the ITC 100 I found that it does >not protect the shelves, that the
dripping glaze will stick to it just as it does on a >unprotected shelf.
After chipping off the glaze/ITC mixture I had to coat the shelves
> with the normal kiln wash to have a releasing coating. I fire to cone 04
> Frank Gaydos
> > ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> > I use itc 100 on my shelves but not as a release agent, more for the
> radiant
> > properties. I don't wash the shelves since I want to flip them in each
> > firing. If I think a glaze will run, I will use 50:50 wash (silica and
> epk)
> > on a piece of refractory and place that under the piece I am firing.
> > Linda Blossom
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> > >----------------------------Original
> > >What about using ITC 100, as mentioned by Nils Lou in the latest
> > >Monthly, page104?
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