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crystalline glaze firing - help

updated mon 14 jun 99


Ditmar/Gayle on wed 9 jun 99

Hello All,

Several friends completed a crystalline glaze / firing workshop not too
long ago. Now they're experimenting with the ins and outs of these glazes.
The kilns available only have kiln-sitter as a control for the firing. Does
anyone have experience or ideas for firing schedules using kiln-sitters ?
Ideas for soaking with sitters ?
( They would probably appreciate input on crystalline glaze formulas too )

From Alohaland, Ditmar.

Sharon R Pemberton on fri 11 jun 99

A computer control or ramp control is needed for an accurate soak. This also
allows for a slow cool down. The whole firing sched is on a program you
design and it is then stored in its memory. I like a ramp system for many
reasons and one of those is that I also do hot glass and I can use the same



Brad Sondahl on sun 13 jun 99

I fire crystalline glazes just using a kilnsitter--details and glaze
recipes are at my crystalline page:

Brad Sondahl
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