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paul lewing tile workshop

updated thu 10 jun 99


Stephani Stephenson on wed 9 jun 99

Just wanted to share with you all a description of Paul Lewing=92s July
workshop at the Nottingham Center for the Arts in San Marcos,
This is a five day ( about six hours a day) hands on workshop. It
begins with demonstration of forming tiles and trim by rolling,
extruding and pressing. Paul will distribute plans for a homemade slab
roller and tile press , along with cone 5 and cone 10 glaze recipes.The
second day is devoted to decorating techniques, starting with glazing
bisqued tiles by trailing, spraying, pouring sponging and brushing
glazes. We=92ll move on to sumi-e painting on clay and paper and view a
video on sume painting. We=92ll learn how to apply water based china
paints to tile, and how to make silkscreens and print on tile. During
the course of the week, we=92ll be doing several china paint firings and
at least one cone 5 firing
At some time during the workshop Paul will discuss mortars, grouts,
installation techniques and tile industry terminology.There will be
extensive discussion of marketing, especially as it applies to the
problems of commissioned work. He=92ll discuss how to deal with
architects, designers and trade showrooms and selling at wholesale,
retail and trade shows. He=92ll also cover booth design, portfolio
development, and promotional literature . Participants will see many
examples of these. Paul will show slides of his work as well as
historical and contemporary architectural ceramics.
In addition to demos and lectures, Paul will help students individually
with their own tile projects. He will also share what he knows about
glaze chemistry, and we CLAYARTERS know from his helpful contributions
to this list , that he knows......A LOT. If that isn=92t enough, he makes
it FUN=21
This workshop will definitely energize those kaolithic synapses and
deflocculate those weary particulates. i.e. a most excellent experience
will be had by all.
It all happens July 12-16 At the Nottingham Center for the Arts. San
Marcos, CA.
San Marcos is just north of San Diego.
For more info, Find us at
or email me at
or call (760)-752-1020