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a window in the kiln lid?

updated wed 16 jun 99


Brian Crocker on mon 14 jun 99


I have seen small windows in industrial tunnel kilns so such a thing is
not uncommon. Perhaps Furnace manufacturers would be able to help.
Do you have manufacturers "Parsons" or "Babcox and Willcox" or "Kanthal"in
part of the world?
It would be an interesting feature to have in a Pottery Kiln, at first I said,
"What the Hell do you want a 'Window in a Kiln' for" but on second thaught
it's better than squinting into a little peep hole to see cones or
a reduction flame. You never know we may see windows in kilns one day.

A man on the Moon was "impossible" not so long ago?

Marc Ward what do you think???

What's the general opinion out there ???

Brian Crocker.
4 Erica Street,
Tea Tree Gully 5091,
South Australia. [e.mail]

The Driest State that's a little wetter now.

Bruce Girrell on tue 15 jun 99

Diffusion furnaces, used in the manufacture of transistors and integrated
circuits, sometimes have fused silica windows. Fused silica is kind of like
Pyrex and can take the heat that we, as potters, would give it. It has a
melting point of 1900 oC.

Bruce "been 25 years since I could bring up diffusion furnaces in casual
conversation" Girrell