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miss. groundhogchain woodfire.

updated mon 21 jun 99


David Hammel on sun 20 jun 99

Dear Clayarters,

We have just returned from the hardest working vacation ever. Our mud babies
from "our" Mother are just beautiful. What an incredible learning
experience.Mr. Lowell Baker was an excellent instructor with a very good
attitude towards the entire building and firing process.The kiln is truly a
wonderful creation of dedicated and commited people. Each individual was
sincere and solemn in their beliefs, yet open and light hearted. Our thanks
and respect to all of our new freinds,Mr.Bill-B-Que and Marvelous Merrie
Boerner (pronounced like burner, as in the burners that make the fire burn.)
Genius John Jenson, King David Hoggatt, Brother Tom, Juliet of the Angels,
Mr. Sott, Mystical Melanie, Keith Caring, Daniel my brother, and totally of
course Andrew the wild child of fire. Thankyou to all the nice people of
Miss. who fed us and made sure we all lived high on the hog chain. I
apoligize to those I have left out and to those I have insulted. All of this
of course just our opinion and nothing more. Once again just the best
woodfiring results we have ever seen. thanks to all.

Sincerely David &Christine