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angle for t-pot spouts

updated sun 30 may 99


Bonita Cohn on sat 29 may 99

Dear Maria, When I make the spout, and cut the end as you described, I face
the pot to me and cut the spout point to 5 o'clock (using a fettling knife).
This is true for pots made in the counter clockwise direction. The spout will
usually keep winding, in cone10 firings. The less gritty clays, like bmix and
porcelains, "move" more than the stoneware with bigger particles. After a
little practice, they seem to even out. Robin Hopper's book, "Functional
Ceramics", goes into this. Good luck. From Bonita in foggy San Francisco
where I am wearing, at home, a hat, a sweater and scarf, and turned on the
HEAT because it is 55F in my Hallway!