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giffen grip info

updated thu 1 jul 99


kathleen chase on wed 30 jun 99

Hi - Not an expert on the grip, but I have worked with them in a production
setting for over 15 years. 1) Make sure that the =22legs=22 that hold the =
grip onto
the wheel are all the same distance out on the bottom ring. (there are small
lines radiating out along the bottom track to set them to.) I find counting =
lines helpful to make sure each one is in the same place so the whole grip =
not wobble. 2) When you place the sliders on the grip (they hold the pot in
place=3B and the various holding arms that hold the pots) make sure that =
they are
centered over the channels on the base plate. if one slider is between the
ridges on the base plate and 2 are on the ridges the pots will wobble. If =
all 3
are not riding on the ridges, but between them it also can make your pots
wobble. 3) check your sliders, the little =22legs=22 that protrude on the =
bottom of
them wear down after a while. Giffen will send you new ones for a small fee.=
change ours every year because of this problem. Hope that some of this =
Fell free to email or call me if I can help further. -Kathy Chase earth-n- fire pottery (508)240- CLAY