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giffin grip, millimeters matter!

updated fri 2 jul 99


elizabeth priddy on thu 1 jul 99

I keep a grip on one of my wheels all the time, I use it that much!

It is very persnickity about the fit. The little guidelines on the back have to

If you have lost the ruler that should have come with your grip, you can write t

That ruler is accurate to the millimeter, and one notch off will make it not ce

So, measure your wheel head again and use that thing!
And may you never tap a pot to center again...

I don't work for Giffen, but I care deeply about the center of my feet...
Elizabeth Priddy

I speak from sincerity and experience, not authority...

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999 09:45:09 Bobbi Bassett wrote:
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> writes:
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>> I have an old giffin grip that I can't seem to get to center properly
>> anymore. Does anyone have any ideas about why this is happening? Is it
>> part of the natrual aging process for this tool? Is anyone from giffin
>> on the list and could possibly respond directly to me. This is a
>> terribly irritating problem as you might imagine.
>I haven't been able to center mine from day one. I did everything they said
>to no avail. Let us all know if you find any answers to this problem. It's a
>chunk of change to have just sitting on the shelf.
>Bobbi in PA
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