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giffin grip/help centering

updated sun 4 jul 99


Jennifer Boyer on sat 3 jul 99

Hi All,
I've had my Grip for a long time, and love it. However after
reading this post I realized that in my overworked fog I had
been dealing with a wobble and called up Giffin after seeing the
800 number in this thread. They are sending me a new bottom
plate for free. I can clearly see that the hole has worn so the
fit isn't tight any more between the top and bottom plates. They
are sending me new brackets too I think. I'll let you know how
it works out.

As for centering pots on a NEW Grip: When I rotate the wheel to
tighten the arms onto the pot, I usually do another little
tightening jerk(very gentle) because it's easy to leave the arms
too loose, allowing the pot to go out of center after a few
rotations. It's because it wasn't tight to begin with. Just
because it looks tight doesn't mean it is. This is because the
arms have a little play as they sit in the hole of the slider.
When the pots first comes in contact with the arm it still
needs to be tightened more so the arm becomes tight against the pot.

Also, It takes some experience to pick the right length of arm
for each size pot. Some shapes are hard if the contact point
between the arms and the pot is on a sloped part of the pot. If
the sloped part flares out, the pot will tend to be lifted by
the pressure of the arms, lifting the rim off the base plate.
Better to try to let the arms touch at a flat place or one that
tapers IN, which presses the pots down against the base plate.

If anyone is confused, email me privately and I'll try to
explain better.....

Karen Greene wrote:
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> Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:25:59 EDT
> From: Jim Cullen
> Subject: Re: giffin grip
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> Can you be more explicit? What isn't centered, the grip or the pot? We
> need
> more info....Thanks.
> Jim, I cant get either to center properly. The bottom plate wont center
> to the scale on the back anymore. Maybe I need new clamps for the wheel
> head? But, the degree of "uncenteredness" in the pot is not
> proportional to the bottom plate. The top plate actually slides back and
> forth inside of the bottom plate. One thing I did remember though, I
> need to check the pads that hold the pots for wear. When they get worn
> unevenly from each other, the pot wont center. I have changed the
> pads/hands once already. I did realize that I had an old one on with one
> of the newer ones. That should help alot. But, there is still the
> problem of the top plates movement. How much movement is reasonable?
> This is absolutely my most favorite tool and has stood me in good steed
> for many years. It may be that its just old and worn.
> Karen Greene
> Pottery In Motion

Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Vermont USA