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updated thu 1 jul 99


makeart on wed 30 jun 99

Raku everyone!

With Steve Branfman at the Interlaken School of Art, a not for profit
Art School near Stockbridge, MA.. Help us break in our refurbed track
raku kiln! We're offering a weekend course on Raku, Saturday and
Sunday, July 10 & 11, 9-4 both days.
Don't pass this western Massachusetts opportunity up! We are one hour
from Albany, 2 1/2 from NY and Boston. Call us at 413 298-5252 or

Check out our other courses too. Coming this fall we'll be offering a
reduction course - no electric stuff here! It'll include choices in
making pots and glazing and firing for high-fire reduction. Also, this
summer (starting next week) we offer Table ware (hand building) and
wheel classes with Ellen Grenadier, Raku - making and firing pieces and
Wheel work (4 weeks/8 classes in August) with Andrew Francis, and
Glazing - high fire with Maishe Dickman - Aug 14 and 15. Please call
for more info.
Thanks all - happy potting
Andrew Francis
The Interlaken School of Art