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sv: cone 06 terracotta

updated sat 3 jul 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 2 jul 99


Hello Emily Meunsch
I often throw with very commonly found, super plastic clay here in Denmark
called =22blue clay=22. Bluish when wet, but despite it's name, it fires to=
cone 04
a very pale orange terracotta . I routinely set my pots up on a turn table =
wheel head and brush them with a white slip that of course fits the clay =
Big rabbit hair brushes. The brush strokes in the slip (medium thick =
give an attractive and rustic whitewashed effect under transparent glaze. =
are always leather hard or a bit wetter. Pots can be dipped also, (do NOT =
this with completly dry, green post, they will crack up to pieces when slips
starts to dry due to slip drawing too much on dry wall) but surface becomes =
smooth white without any markings. This slip brushing works just as well on
darker terracotta like common red clay. The stipes in the slip make a nice =
of patterns under glaze or under further slip details painted over the white
Alisa in Denmark