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sv: terracotta and slip painting

updated sun 4 jul 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sat 3 jul 99


As said in an earlier communication, I routinely use 04 terracotta clay =
Blue) because it is super inexpensive and very plastic. The down side is =
that I
am not wild about the red color under glazes. I always brush the surface =
with a
white slip. Later when the white is dry, I brush other colored slips of
varying viscosities and at last, incise the pots. I also brush a cirlce of
slip in the inside bottoms of the pots just for a little more coherence. I =
all preprepared colored slips. I cannot help you with US distributors, but =
they are available in Denmark, they are available a billion times more in =
states=21 White slip is very easy to blend and of course you can also test =
different precents of oxides to color the slip, or glaze stains. These =
when thick completely mask the terracotta color. Otherwise I use them thin =
make a whitewashed effect. Thicker you can paint layers and scrape them, to=
a pallette knife effect. (Just remember to support the pot inside with your
hand while you are scraping.) Endless possibilities. I find myself throwing
simpler and simpler forms so I can use more and more surface decoration with=
with the slips. I usually glaze over them after bisque with a transparent, =
matt and shiny. I have avoided milky matts over the slips, which I don't =
by mixing very thoroughly and applying as evenly as I can by dipping and
pouring, and scraping off excess drips.