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types of woodfire kilns

updated wed 30 jun 99


Corinne P. Null on tue 29 jun 99

I'm getting woodfire fever...need to start doing research...thought I'd
contemplate the different types of kilns and their characteristics, first.

Anagama - lots of ash deposits, depending on how fired - usually long
firings - many days.
Noburigama - multi chamber, ash only in first chamber - firings can be 1 1/2
Phoenix fastfire - within 12 hour firing. Nature of pots is...?
Bourry box - ?
mel and tony's train kiln?

and what others?

Tony, thanks for the tip about getting your wood DRY. This might take a few
years to accomplish, but I'd sure like to try, and can start stashing wood

Hate to start this just before I go to a lake island for 5 days, but I'll
bring my reading and be anxious to read all the responses on my return.

Corinne Null, Studio Potter
Bedford, New Hampshire