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earth, water, fire woodfiring workshop opening

updated wed 7 jul 99


John Baymore on tue 6 jul 99

Hi all.

I have just had an emergency cancellation by someonewho was enrolled in my
annual summer noborigama woodfiring workshop. I have contacted the folks
on the waiting list and am waiting to see if anyone is still
available....however by this late date it may be that most or all have made
other plans for that part of August.

So.... it is somewhat likely that there is now one space open again. If
anyone is interested...please contact me.

Workshop dates this year are 7PM Friday evening Aug 9th through Sunday late
afternoon Aug. 20th, 1999. I first started doing these here in this kiln
in 1981. The group is limited to 7 people..... intensive and personal.
Make pots and fire them in a four chamber noborigama (five if you count the
dogi =3Cg=3E.) For more info call 1-800-900-1110 (studio) or email me =
(The email address for those getting garbage characters in my tag line here
on CLAYART is: JBaymore (the standard AT sign)



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA


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