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cone 06 terracotta whitewash

updated thu 8 jul 99


nina ratrie on wed 7 jul 99

Hey Emily,

You have by now gotten a bunch of replies to this one but I thought that I
would add my two cents worth. I work in low fire and I white wash my pots
by brushing on the following recipe of slip when the pots are leather hard.
One coat is sufficient. Then I bisque them and glaze them with a clear
glaze. That gives a white washed appearance but the surface is shiny, due
tot he clear glaze. Which I like because all of my pots are functional. If
your friend wants a non food surface I'd suggest doing a white terra sig.
That way you get the white wash effect but with a smoother surface than
unglazed and a less shiny surface than glazed.

white slip from an Alfred handbook
( I think that's where it came from)

EPK 25
OM4 Ball 25
Silica 25
Frit 3124 20
Zircopax 5

Happy white washing!


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