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giffen gripes and priorities

updated sun 11 jul 99


Sheron Roberts on sat 10 jul 99

The ceramics studio at the college I attended had 8 Lockerbee kickwheels and=
small Shimpo's. We also had two Giffen Grips. In a class of 20 or more
students some had to use the kickwheels. I was one who chose to learn on =
kickwheel. I was right proud of my puny little pots. One day I came to =
class a
bit late and all the wheels were being used except one little Shimpo =
I was intimidated by the whirring little speedo at first. Then when I =
I could center more quickly and throw larger forms, I was hooked. I could =
my feet firmly on the floor and not worry about co-ordinating my foot =
etc.. Urr back to the grip... our teacher taught all of us to trim using =
=22keys=22 he called them. We also were introduced to the giffon, as well =
as bisque
chucks. I learned to trim both ways. In a class so large and being on a =
firing schedule, we had to have our pots ready. We might not have access to=
grip, so we used the clay keys or wads.
ANYWAY, when I was ready to build and furnish my own studio I discussed
everything with my teacher (a potter of twenty + years). He pretty much had=
same attitude as most of you, the grip would be the last thing he would have
considered buying. In planning my purchases I set for myself a budget. I
purchased everything from HighWater Clays. I had enough after clay, wheel,
kiln, glaze materials and accessories, and a few small tools, to purchase a
Giffon Grip and an Amaco banding wheel. As far as slab roller, at the time =
was not too concerned about that. The slab work I did was small enough to =
handled by a marble rolling pin I had. Then I hit the chance of a life =
The new instructor at the college put in a requisition for a new slab roller
because the old one had a bent rail. I knew that the school would have an
auction soon to get rid of old computers, etc. Sure enough they published a
list of items going on the block and there was the slab roller. What luck, =
got the roller, table and all for 5.00. Can you believe that, the college =
almost 1500.00 for one identical to it, just newer. And the bent rail, my
husband, a most excellent welder and metal worker, fixed it in no time =
As far as extruders, I care nothing for them and should I change my mind, =
dearest can make one.
As far as the Giffon Grip hindering me, nawww, it is a preference, doesn't =
a thing to do with the way I throw and form my pots, just makes them =
prettier on
the bottom. :=7D
Sheron Roberts, in NC making plans to build a gas kiln, downdraft variety,
carkiln to be exact. . . .sure to be asking a few questions in the near =
Red Hawk Studios
Whiteville NC