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jar lid calipers

updated wed 21 jul 99


David Hendley on tue 20 jul 99

The 'jar-lid-hold-down' method of holding a pot on the wheel that
Wynne describes (below) is a great technique that I, and I'm sure many
others, use.
Another bonus of using a jar lid is that you have a built-in measuring
device for making sets of things, such as bowls, that you want to have
the same bottom diameter.
Simply pick out a lid with the same diameter, or slightly less, as you want
the the bottom of the pot to be, and trim to the lid.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

At 01:48 PM 7/18/99 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Amazing that something I took pretty much for granted for 20 years
>could spark such a discussion! I have always tap centered with my left
>hand because I am left handed. I don't remember my undergrad instructor
>ever discussing which hand to use though, and I think he did it fairly
>well for about 40 years with his right hand.
> One thing he did teach us that I haven't seen mentioned yet is the
>use of a jar lid to hold the pot down. Although foam rubber will help
>keep it from sliding, it won't keep the pot from pulling up. A jar lid
>(about 1/2 smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the pot), centered
>on the bottom, helps keep your finger from pushing through the pot by
>distributing the pressure to a bigger and stronger area next to the wall
>of the pot. I never use wads (or foam for that matter) unless I am
>trimming the inside of the foot (where the jar lid would sit), because
>the lid works so well. It enables me to keep picking the pot up to
>check the trimming progress and I can easily recenter it with a tap or
>Wynne Wilbur
>graduate student, Univ of Florida