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substitution for sheffield slip / richard aerni

updated sun 18 jul 99


Assumption Abbey on sat 17 jul 99

Dear Readers:

I am wanting to do experimental testswith Richard Aerni's Obsidian
Glaze # 2, which calls for Sheffield slip. Is there any equivalent that I
can use as a substitution for this one? If you get into atomic forumula I
am lost so it would have to be simple. Also part of these tests require
ash glazes and of course my source of ash will be different (elm,ash, and
bur oak)..and Richard also used a buff stoneware so much depends too on the
claybody and I may not get anything at all like the Aerni work. Who knows?
That is the beauty of pottery but I do really like the beautiful pottery
of Richard Aerni.

Thanks in Advance.

Llewellyn Kouba

Llewellyn Kouba