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tile making ,your own floor,weight bearing issues

updated sat 17 jul 99


Mason Batchelder on fri 16 jul 99

I have a bit of advice I was clued in upon.Before you get underway get some
information concerning the weight bearing capabilities of your
sturcture(FLOOR) before you get your heart set upon the project.Often unless
the place was designed for a tile floor it may not have the structural
strength to bear the enormous load.Thes izing of the support members both the
footing or basement structure and relative spans of all members involved
must be evaluated.This also is an issue with walls, showers and many such
tile installations.The mortar bed itself is very very heavy and what
adhesive used is something you might want to contact the tile
council(ONLLINE) about concerning whichever way you go with tile and the
surfaces unvolved in choice of adhesives.When you do work of this type on
your own you must realize there is inheritant liabilities involved and you
would bear all the responsibilities and ignorance is not an excuse should it
fail.A lot of self education should be involved before undertaking such a
Good luck,