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windchimes(and feng shui)

updated mon 19 jul 99


Valice Raffi on sun 18 jul 99


I cut copper pipe all the time & it's pretty easy with an inexpensive
(about 6 bucks) pipe cutting tool. For drilling, I have a bench clamp set
up. I wrap the clamped end of the pipe in a bit of foam wrap before

On the Feng Shui thread... I have what's considered a bad situation, three
doors straight through the house (lets the chi out) leading to a body of
water. I made a small wind chime to hang in the center doorway. It's made
of a small piece of bamboo strung at an upward angle (to redirect the chi),
with copper pipes and other miscellanii hanging from it. I used red
thread, and yes, I believe! My money situation has greatly improved since

where it's downright chilly at 86 degrees!

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I'd like to add windchimes to my sales, but use metal chimes hanging below a
>clay "something". could be copper or other metal and any size. I have found
>copper piping locally, but cutting it and drilling holes is a pain. I've
>tried checking the web for a wholesale supplier of these chimes, but can't
>seem to locate anything. anyone have any suggestions? TIA
>Lynn in L.A. (lower Alabama) been raining just about every day, but
>expecting the summer drought to start anytime now.