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ceramics center in agost spain needs a director

updated thu 22 jul 99


Marcia Selsor on wed 21 jul 99

Dear Clayarters,
My friend Ilse is planning to retire and is looking for someone to
assume the direction of the Ceramics Study center there in the next year
or so..
The facilities in clude five apartments, a main dwelling, archives and
pottery from all over Spain, large studio space, kilns-raku, soda, wood
(small horno arabe 1 cu. meter), a two foot experimental fiber
kiln,electric, wheels- traditional side saddle type. All this in blended
into the 19th century pottery complex of stucco and tiled roofs.
The facility is available for workshops is people are interested in
conducting them. There is no foundation funds supporting this. It is
locating in a rural community formally a bustling pottery community
complete with a chapel dedicated to the patron saints of pottery, Justa
and Rufina. There are six potteries still in production in the area.
A person with enterprising organizational skills would have to eek out a
living in this facility. Spanish required.Several years committment
There has been a core of ceramic artists providing workshops there over
the past several years including Arcadi Vlasco, Manolo Sales, Lolo Juan,
myself (Marcia Selsor), and others. Anyone seeking further information
please contact me directly.

Marcia Selsor