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updated thu 22 jul 99


mel jacobson on wed 21 jul 99

i wish i was talented.

don h. has brought up a very good point about educational administrators...
of course this includes many support staff that sit at their feet.

as i have said so many times on this net, when you do not understand a thing
or a person, make sure that you minimize it.

`oh, those crazy artists, what are they doing now?`
`holy cow, mel will say anything at a faculty meeting.`
`hey, mel, you had better not speak up at the faculty
meeting, you might get in trouble.`
` how come the art department laughs so much?`
`have you noticed how well the art department gets along?`
`i wish i could have fun all day the way you do down in the
the clay room...but, i have to teach creative writing.`
and yata yata yata....every day.
we work hard, you guys play at teaching.

and yet, how many times do you hear in your life../.
man, i wish i was talented, or artistic. must be really nice.

i have always felt that the only complete person is the one
that combines the left and right....most of our school leaders
do not ever enter the right side of themselves...and when you
do not, how can you appreciate what others go through.

and, if you do not appreciate, or understand, just minimize.

one of the valuble things that wendy rosen has been doing , banging
away at us on the net ,is making us stand up and take notice.
we do not have to buy into commercialism, but we do have to stand
up for what we believe to be the truth, and stand up for our creative
selves. we cannot be minimized, or let ourselves be minimized.

i have recieved some wonderful personal notes about the issue of
schools and learning is so gratifying to listen to the stories
coming back at me...wonderful people that have pulled themselves up
by the `bootstraps`...have entered the creative world in spite of the
handicaps that where placed in their way. terrific . keep kicking.

it is like being at tony's place...drinking great wine, firing his train kiln...
once you have done it, well, you want to do it again.
once you open your first kiln of pots, and they are all yours...well
you want to do it again.
or, when you pull that pot from the kiln, and it just makes you cry..
it is so damn nice...well, you want to do it again.

i wonder what the poor school administrators are doing today?
screaming at kids. pissed off at the staff, mad at parents...scared
to death of the board of education. well, was never for me...i just
wanted to make pots, paint pictures and then teach kids how to get
the job done. smile all day...laugh....and then get ticked and frustrated
when my work did not go well...but at least, it was my work.
and we all know, it ain't easy.