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nceca and clay people

updated thu 22 jul 99


Marcia Selsor on wed 21 jul 99

Dear Clayarters,
I have been off clayart for the past 7 weeks while teaching in Spain and
elsewhere. I am coming into this discussion rather late.
I have been attending NCECA conferences for the past 28 years because it
provided the same type of comraderie as we give each other on Clayart
daily. There has been emphasis on pottery over the past conferences.
There have been such shows as Japanese Masters (Hamada included).
Possibly of late different board members influence the focus but it is
an ever evolving organization just as Clayart continues to compile
information in the archives.I served on the NCECA board so I can say this
with some insight. The board does respond to the membership.
I have to agree with David that it has become more important to me
personally to see my buddies and to visit the clayart room and to hang
out rather than attend sessions (I am in a session next year for Denver).
The basic goal behind NCECA from my perspective is the exchange of
information in Ceramics. This made it unlike any other Arts organization
I can think of. [I am really impressed with the Potters Fest in Wales
though and would like to go to that someday.]
My colleagues in Sculpture always ask me if I know of any group for
Sculptors like NCECA is to clay people
So I hope to see you all in Denver where we can exchange information,
drink some beer and talk about kilns, clay, glazes, fire, etc.
Marcia in Montana
Marcia Selsor