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summer residency at risd

updated thu 22 jul 99


Russ & Wendy Keeler on wed 21 jul 99

I have just finished a two week residency at RISD with Eva Kwong. This is
the first year RISD has offered a program like this. The facilities at RISD
are quite impressive. There are 2 Blauuw kilns that are state of the art,
as well as two traditional gas kilns, ample studio space , and a complete
glaze lab. The creative environment is unlike anything I have ever
experienced. There is a nature lab that makes for constant inspiration,
lectures, and creative people all around. The amount of work and progress I
made in the two weeks is astonishing. I recommend this program to anyone
who is self driven and enjoys being thoroughly immersed.

Naturally, every session is dependent on the visiting artist. Eva is a
wonderful artist who is willing to share her thoughts which added to the
experience. Sharon Pollock-DeLuzio (Director of Summer Studies at RISD)
managed to put together a program that felt as though it had been
established for years.

Lastly, Providence is a quaint city that made morning walks a must. The
only negative I found is the lack of parking, but that is easily overlooked
when you realize that "more parking" would mean tearing down some lovely old
buildings. If you visit Providence check out the Nature Lab on Waterman

Wendy Ferron Keeler