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updated sat 24 jul 99


CNW on fri 23 jul 99

Ben - sorry I didn't mean to cut your methods down. I am more afraid of what
people who have not actually SEEN how you work might handle the method.

Alchohol is more volatile than leaves or newspaper and even they in the
hands of some people are frightening. (even without being lit :^) )

I have noticed that some answers to posts indicate that the origianl post or
query was not read very thoroughly. Because of that I get a little nervous
when people start jumping into something that might make someone a crispy

As mel pointed out recently alot of us are visual learners. And if they
don't see how you do it some one could really screw up. The case in point
was that woman getting hurt. That guy doing it didn't think it burn some
one. Maybe he got the method from some one else but didn't quite get
when/how it worked.

But I am sorry that I hurt your feelings. I would have no problem watching
you work, but I would be leary of watching someone who just read it and
tried it.

Just call me "Chicken Shit"
Celia in NC