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updated tue 25 jul 00


Frank Gaydos on tue 27 jul 99

Here is an interesting site for online art purchases.

Frank Gaydos
510 Gerritt St.
19147-5821 USA

Russel Fouts on sat 22 jul 00

>> Has anyone had experience with, selling or otherwise? If
you're not familiar with it, you should check it out. There are currently
185 ceramics artists represented, including a fair number of well knowns -
e.g. Byron Temple, Suzanne Stephenson, Christine Federighi, Chris Gustin.
The work ranges from superb to mediocre, MHO,but whatever the quality, most
of the pricing is "ambitious" to say the least. Simple functional items I
would sell for $40- $60 are routinely priced in the hundreds. I've heard
third hand about a woman who sells through (don't know how much),
but her functional work seems to be priced quite high to me. Seems like a
good deal to me, if it really works. <<

It looks like a lot of really great high quality work by some very well
known artists. And a beautifully designed site. It also looks like it's by
invitation only. Their references sound really good. Seems like a good place
if your work is good enough to get in.

I noticed Clayarter Judy Motzkin is there, maybe she's willing to talk about


Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 223 02 75
Mobile: +32 476 55 38 75

TexasMudWoman@AOL.COM on sun 23 jul 00 did a presentation at the break out session on the internet during
NCECA. They were asked about selling off your website as well as selling off
their site. Their reply was that they requested that you did not list with
another site similar to their own to sell work. They also said that if work
was sold they would just like to be notified as soon as possible so that it
could be removed or replaced by something else on the guild site. I was
fairly impressed with them.

Vicki Hardin

judy motzkin on sun 23 jul 00

Russel and all,
I am happy to talk about my experience with guild .com.
I have had a relationship with "the guild" from 1985,
long before this internet incarnation. They have been
producing high quality books for design professionals for
many years. I never made good use of them, but others i
know did.
I have been on the website from the beginning,
with my vessels and with assemblages. i have not sold
much. (Again i know others who have.) what I did sell
went smoothly.
I was recently considered for the next print catalog and
was unable to agree to the production schedule, as my
kiln needs to be relocated this fall, no kiln no pots.
I do think this print component has set the guild apart
and my be a necessary corollary to the internet. A
friend's jewelry was in the winter catalog which led to
many sales. Of course jewelry is a different animal in
terms of sales.
as someone who increasingly works on one of a kind
pieces, i do find it difficult.
Last year I was part of a controversy with a guild
customer who ordered something they had on the site and I
did not have available. He went ballistic talking all
legal (I think he was a lawyer), until I set him
straight. I tried to explain to him what the process was,
the process time and the lag between the making and
finishing of a piece and the photo, and the fact that by
the time a photo of a piece is taken it is usually sold.
I also asked him to put it in perspective. These are pots
we are talking about, not transplant organs. he got it
and did not sue the guild. It did however change how i
listed my work there... as made upon order and one of a
The guild takes a relatively small commission. The owner,
Toni Sikes, is a person of great integrity in my opinion.
The site is juried, with MIchael Monroe, formerly of the
smithsonian, as consultant. i agree with Russel that the
quality and aesthetic is mixed, but i feel that way about
any gathering of art/craft works.
Any questions?


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