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plea for more tiles for "the path"

updated thu 29 jul 99


Janet Kaiser on wed 28 jul 99

From: The Chapel of Art, Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales
=3E=3EHome of The International Potters Path=3C=3C

I have been encouraged to post another request for tiles by several Clay =
who think maybe some subscribers have not heard of the project yet, so here

Access to The Chapel of Art (The CoA) needs to be made safer and more =
friendly. Because The CoA is an Art Centre which holds concerts, classes,
events, etc. but is primarily an art gallery which specialises in exhibiting
(and selling) contemporary CERAMICS, the idea is to pave the way with =

5000 tiles are needed to make The International Potters' Path =3EThe Path=3C=
reality. Each tile will represent over a million fellow citizens of each =
to take part... Whatever the population a country in millions, The Path =
that many single tiles=21 Not much chance of 1200 or so from China, but we =
do hope
wherever you live will be represented... At least one tile from each country=
state around the world would be a fine start. And the English-speaking =
will hopefully try and make up for those countries we cannot communicate =
very well.

So how about it? We have almost 400 tiles already, but we need a great many =
if we are to start laying The Path in November=21 If you become a =22Path =
Maker=22 we
will send you a photo of your contribution in the finished path (as long as =
have mastered the digital camera by then=21).

And as long as it arrives before November, you will also receive an =
to the Grand Opening at 24.00 hrs. GMT on 31.12.99=21=21 Tiles that arrive =
November will no doubt still be needed for The Path =22Phase II=22.

Technical details can be checked out from The CoA web site in English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, =
and Welsh. I can also answer any technical questions you may have (I am the
potter at The CoA) in English or German. If you do not have www access, =
post me and I will send the details off-line.

Briefly: in addition to being square, sturdy, 10 x 10 cm x 1cm thick, tiles =
be non-slip and non-porous. We have high rainfall and salt fall-out, so they
really must be =22waterproof=22. As The Path is in a conservation area, =
there is no
reason why it will not still be there in several hundred years time, as long=
the tiles are sturdy enough. (This also precludes using non-porous tiles =
some sort of waterproofing or coating).

To make it appear a truly INTERNATIONAL project, tiles should be as overtly
local, regional, national and even as patriotic as possible. We want future
generations to walk The Path saying things like: =22Wow, a tile from =
Alaska=22 or
=22Look=21 Here is one from Zimbabwe=22. That will only be possible if tiles=
have some
sort of symbolism and words (painted, impressed, incised, etc.).

Some of you may find this a little restrictive, but I can assure you that
looking at the first 400 it is the ones with Australia 97, Sweden Sverige,
Kentish Oast Houses, Jaar 2000 Holland, etc. that attract interest. The =
coloured tiles, the whirled design, the various flowers, etc. etc. are =
tiles, but no one will know they came from Austria, Serbia, USA, etc. once =
are part of The Path and if these become the rule rather than the exception,=
could just look like a job lot of tiles and not the work of potters, tile
makers, clay artists and craftspeople around the whole world=21

Eckhard and I will not be around for ever to explain what it is, but The =
should live on to show future generations what potters in the 20th century =
do and did=21

Anyway, please make a tile for The Path and send it as soon as possible=21 =
please pass on the idea to as many fellow potters, students, college =
etc. etc. AT HOME AND ABROAD as you can. If every Clay Artist sent a tile =
got another to make one too, we would soon be well on our way to completing =

Thank you all. Look forward to =22talking=22 to those of you who would like =
to take

Janet Kaiser
WWW: updated every time a tile arrives=21 =
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slow downloading thanks to an oversubscribed server... If you have problems,
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