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large order large pots/ spain

updated fri 30 jul 99


Marcia Selsor on thu 29 jul 99

My friends in Spain are exporting hand thrown pots this size to England.
The pots are shrinkwrapped onto pallets 28 at a time 4 levels 9 each. I
noticed the bar code and label with a price of 48 pounds British
They also export to Japan. It is survival for the folk potters in Spain.
These are the pots fired in the three story kilns.
This is from the potter pictured of page 15 of Wheel thrown pottery. Is
is odd to see their court yard after a firing with shrink wrapped
pallets. -but thats modern times.
Marcia in Montana

mudlark wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I'll bite. What are they for. Outside? . see this
> ...Mudlark Pottery
> 320 G Street
> Salida, CO 81201
> Laurie Berkson wrote:
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> > Anyone interested in an order for a few hundred 3 ft high by 2 1/2 feet
> > across forms with a natural finish???????????/ If you are turely interested
> > in a huge order like this and can handle it for a large Silicon Valley Co
> > email me asap....Laurie in East Bay SF

Marcia Selsor