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copper red/green/blue

updated tue 10 aug 99


Joyce Lee on mon 9 aug 99

I have another copper red pot that is mostly green with a big splash of
red. I think I understand how this came about ... not enough oxidation?
maybe cooling too fast? position in kiln? well, maybe I don't understand
so well. Anyway, now months later and after a long time in the desert
sun, brought the pot into the house..... and the area at the bottom of,
but within, the splotch of red is turning an almost celadon blue to
aqua. Any ideas you'd care to share about the why of such a fascinating
process? Much more exciting than plain ol' gorgeous copper red.

In the Mojave where this week has actually been cooler than usual ...
stars are still out ... bright, sparkly ... clear...
Sierras barely silhouetted ... nothing like Van G.'s Starry Night ...
not an angry nor exciting sky ... peaceful to-get-lost-in sky... makes
me feel like turning the world upside down and falling in ... but not