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kiln wash and other protection

updated mon 9 aug 99


I.Lewis on sun 8 aug 99

To: Subscribers

From: Ivor Lewis

Saturday, 7 August 1999

Subject: Kiln Wash and other protection.

Yes, I use the idea put forward by Dale A. Neese of putting coarse powder on
shelves rather than kiln wash. But not Silica. For several years I have used=
mesh Alumina, a coarse powder which runs like the stuff in an hour glass.
studio. We all recognise the health hazard, as Dale points out, but there is=
potential technical problem. Having a relatively low melting point as a
refractory, silica will tend to sinter at stoneware temperatures. Hence it =
tend to adhere to the pot or the shelf. This does not happen to Alumina in
stoneware firings.

Thanks Dale for a lot of good practical advice.

Ivor Lewis.