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non-flaking kiln wash

updated sun 8 aug 99


amy parker on sat 7 aug 99

This recipe worked for me. I had to scour the old stuff that hadn't
finished flaking off before it would stick - tried painting over it, just
flaked worse. Starting with new shelves or very clean ones, I apply this
with a 6" paint roller with a fairly short nap. I mix it to the consistency
of real cream.

calcined kaolin 25% I used EPK, bisqued to 04
raw kaolin 25% EPK also
silica 50% I used 325 mesh because I had it

After 15-20 firings, it still does not flake, even where I have had to touch
up the places that have pulled off. A tool I found useful for removing the
old wash is called a tile contouring tool. I bought it at Home Depot. It is
made of expanded steel mesh coated with an abrasive and is about the size of
a blackboard eraser, but very thin. I wore gloves & appropriate eye &
breathing protection, laid the shelves down, and scoured them with this held
flat. Got them really clean!!! (remember to wet-clean the flakes)

Credit due: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, Glenn Dair, director
amy parker Lithonia, GA