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updated fri 6 aug 99


Susan Fox on thu 5 aug 99

Dear Potters and pottresses of Clayart,

I'm hoping you can help me in my newest bit of research. After making
pots in a rented barn for some 20 years with no plumbing, little heat,
lots of dust, and artificial light, I have the chance to build a new
studio! Naturally, I want it to be efficient, state-of-the-art, and as
inexpensive as possible! If you know of books or articles about studio
planning, or have recent experience of same, I would greatly appreciate
hearing about it.

I'd also like to visit potters here in the Northeast (I'm in Connecticut)
to see how their workplaces function. I'm going to Maine in September
and plan to tour potteries there - if you have one, or know of one that
is particularly interesting, I wouild be most grateful to know about it.

Hopefully yours - Susan

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