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sv: evening classes in denmark

updated tue 3 aug 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sun 1 aug 99


I have a student returning to Denmark next week, and she is wondering about =
availability of evening classes for adults near Skive? Any knowledge of =
A quick response would be appreciated=3B either on or off the list.
Thank you,
Fred Sweet

Hi Fred,
Assuming your student is 18 years or older, she can look into her local AOF
school for ceramic offerings.
Otherwise she may have an activity center in Skive where she can come during=
evening hours to
the ceramic studio, assuming they have one. Most of them run along the same
lines, hours between 10am and 10pm. There are =22fast studio hours=22 =
meaning there
is an instructor, but the rest of time is open, and users may use the =
and pay nominal material fees which include the firings.

I have had the good fortune to be part of a great activity house we have in =
city. Unfortunately Aabenraa where I live is way too far from Skive to =

I instruct in the ceramic studio which is a super great space. The building=
an old grammer school, and
we got the biology lab=21 Those black slate tables make great surfaces to =
on. We also have metal, wood,
music and other short courses. My students (workshop users as they are =
range from entire nursery classes up to retirees and everyone inbetween.

We offer an evening class on Wednesday evenings due to the large amount of
people who are of course occupied during our regular day hours. I hope your
student has a similar Activity House in Skive. Otherwise, there may be =
persons offering classes she may find through her local newspaper.

She is welcome to call me in Aabenraa at 7461 3640. I am just moving into =
own studio at home.