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nceca/denver, who can attend...?

updated wed 11 aug 99


"Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts. San Marcos," on tue 10 aug 99


Anyone with the regisrtation $ can attend NCECA. That's it.

It is a mix of instructors/teachers, students, manufactures reps., and
general potter/ceramists. Lots of folks are several, or all, of the above.
There are attendees who aren't any of the above. i.e. scholars, gallery/shop
owners, arts administrators, spouses and friends, whatever.
It really doesn't matter, and no one really cares much on a general level,
what you are ( one on one folks are often quite interested in what you do and
not just about clay either ).

My point is NCECA is for anyone interested in ceramics.

Problem is it still has that word in the name "Education" and , as I
understand it, was originaly somewhat run by the ACS and the college level
Whatever the reason or history; there is the misconception that NCECA is for
and/or about "Education" in the college/academic sense of the word. It ain't
at all.

It's a huge bunch of folks who are interested in clay and lots of stuff to do
with it. They like to go hang out for a week ( well, four days at least ) and
talk about clay, look at clay ( lots of gallerys), learn about clay, meet
other clay folks, see a new city, drink lots of beer etc., and generaly have
one heck of a good time.
The dress is very casual, which usually catches the hotel/conference staff
off guard for a day or so until they realize the clay folks are friendly and
courteous, if sometimes a bit rowdy, and we tip as well or better than other
conference groups.

There is no "ranking" in any formal sense ( or even informal sense). Any
moderatly friendly person will find themselves hangin with the famous and
well known and lots of other less well known but equally facinating clay
If you are interested in going you are already outgoing and adventurous
enough to have a wonderful time.

GO !! you won't regret it.

Terry Sullivan
Director and Chief Gofer ;-)
Nottingham Center for the Arts
(Nottingham Center for the Arts)