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kiln wash tc100

updated fri 13 aug 99


caroline montague on thu 12 aug 99

Caroline Montague

My new 24 cu.' IFB, propane, downdraft is coated with ITC100 and so are the
kiln shelves. There have been three ^10 R glaze fires and no trace of
warping in the kiln shelves so perhaps they will not have to be flipped?
The ITC was purchased from Axner and applied by wetting the shelves first
and then spraying on a good coat of the ITC. They were first fired in
bisque. The surfaces of the kiln shelves now are like tight rough sand
paper. If the ash glaze runs, it does stick to the kiln shelf, fuses with
the ITC and pulls a bit of the shelf off with it. I am not satisfied using
ITC100 alone as a kiln wash. Caroline
A new Clayarter from the North Georgia Mountains in a heat wave.