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making ash

updated fri 13 aug 99


Merrie Boerner on thu 12 aug 99

Hello Fellow flame cravers,
Today, in Brookhaven, Mississippi....I made a fire in an outdoor
fireplace....stoked it for 9 hours in 100 degree temp.....A friend stopped
by and said..., "I'm sure you must have a great reason, ....that I don't
understand, yet, for having a raging fire in August !?!" I told her that
it was all about making ash for a glaze recipe.....this is a "supper club"
friend, who would never understand,......... only knows food recipes
LOL.... anyway.
At around 5 PM a school teacher who comes to swim every day, gave me a
yell from the pool......." Merrie, I have called the hospital, and the men
in white suits with butterfly nets will be here shortly !" I
said....."Just as long as it's not a straight jacket !!!! I think the nets
sound quite whimsical !"
The thermometer on the covered back porch read 100 degrees...I broke sweat
by the time I reached the fireplace.....the flame was beautiful....heated
my whole body...singed my lips....much better than sun bathing......a kind
breeze cooled me.....and I thought, " It is the process...I love the
gathering of wood...the making of ash...the research of glaze
recipes....the meeting of new friends to work and play with...the physical
effort of being a part of the pots during the WHOLE process....THE FLAME
!!!!! Ever so beautiful ! AWESOME
I will fire the Mother on Saturday......wishing that Lowell were here, but
winging it cause I've made so many pots and I just can't wait ! If you are
anywhere near the center of Mississippi, and crave the flame, come right on
!!!! You'll never forget it ! The flame should be long and hot by dark on
Aug. 14..... If you can't be here.....I'll keep you updated through CLAYART
on the progress : )
Tomorrow, I make glazes with fresh ash : ) Merrie