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vs: bringing kiln from us to europe

updated sat 14 aug 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 13 aug 99


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Ellen Nordskog
Dato: 12. august 1999 21:50
Emne: Bringing kiln from US to Europe

=3E----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3EHi all,
=3ENext year I'm going back to my home country, Norway and I am thinking =
=3Ebringing an electric kiln.

I do not know how big your kiln is, but you may want to check container =
costs to
see if it is cost effective
to send this kiln over. I have moved 3 times between US and Denmark and the
container costs get
quite high. However, you can send your kiln in a mixed container, and save =
but maybe have
to wait for the next available space in a container. Or if you have other =
to move, you can
have a 20ft. container. Still, this is Big.

Also, bear in mind, a kiln should not be standing any other way than =
and it could suffer
significant damage by the shifting seas.

=3EIn Norway the el. system is 220V and 50Hz.
=3EDoes anyone know if it is possible to get equipment with these =
=3Ehere in the US?

Call the kiln manufacturer company. Some U.S. companies make electrical
spareparts for export.
For example, I have been able to order the correct electrical equipment for
Europe for my
Stairmaster and have bought a fridge in the U.S. for export.

HOWEVER, in any case, it is illegal to use your U.S. kiln in Norway, because=
is UL Listed,
but not Norwegian (NEMCO) listed. Since Norway is not in the EU can not =
even EUC listed.
Illegal to connect to power. I do not know how high up you go with these =
of technicalities,
but if you needed for instance more power/fuses in your home to run the =
kiln, an
electrician would
not install it.

If not would it be possible to use 220-240V with 60Hz ? What
=3Eabout the digital timer ? Is it going to be affected ?

The digital timer will run slower in Norway, difference of 50HZ to 60HZ. =
you cannot use
it. Same applies to all electrical accessories (Fans will burn out, =
coils, etc.)
It will not work.

=3EDoes anyone know whitch brands that sells in Scandinavia? (nice to know =
so I
=3Ecan get parts etc.)

Jeg bruger Sorring Lervarefabrik i Sorring, DK. Telefon nummer 45 86 95 00
eller 86 95 70 43
Fax 45 86 95 70 09. You can order their material catalogue plus a separate =
katolouge. They
sell Scandia ovne. Prisener er fra ca. 30,000 (op til 120,000 dk=21)

I think you should consider selling your kiln in the US and finding a used =
when you get home.
I have found that there are fairly many people who start up with the entire
studio and
just get tiredof it, or unfortunately die, or,or, or, and there are kilns to=
sold. Check your
Bl=E5 avis (or genbrug avis). I was extrememly fortunate and my
ceramic guardian angel looked after me. I was given a trememdous Lynborg =
(no longer produced but easily repaired and spareparts available). If you =
TALK t=F3 people, you will probably find what you need. Contact through my =
Kommune lerv=E6rksted, etc. have led this kiln down my path=21

Held og lykke=21 Du m=E5 gerne kontakte mig n=E5r du rejser hjem igen.
Alisa Clausen, Varn=E6svej 171, 6200 Denmark 45 7461 3640
email Hvor bor du i Norge?

PS I am an American living in Denmark because I married a Great Dane. =
segment of my life I was a technical secretary on Norwegian Cruise ships and=
of my
bosses (ch. eng. and captain) were norske. I learned a bit about =

Med venlig hilsen,
Alisa in Aabenraa, DK

=3EIf you want to reply off line, my e-mail is:
=3EThanks, Ellen