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'miracle' kiln wash, nyet yet

updated thu 19 aug 99


Malone & Dean McRaine on sat 14 aug 99

Aloha All:
After the post/shelf discussion I got a couple of requests for my 'miracle'
kiln wash. Hah! I'd like to find one myself. Mine's just the usual
EPK/alumina (3/2) combo. I put in some bentonite to suspend it. It sticks
to the shelves pretty good but doesn't protect them from glaze meltdowns
worth s***. I've never seen a wash that does. There was a thread on
ClayArt a while back about a really good commercial brand (secret recipe)
but I never followed it up. Anybody know what makes a good wash? I mean
one that will stop a molten glaze from soaking into a shelf and pulling out
big chunks when you clean it.
Dean, on hurricane watch in Kauai on mon 16 aug 99

The commercial kiln wash that we were talking about was ITC and from reports
by those who have used it, it is over rated and over priced, and they talked
me out of it. I guess you are best off with what you are using.
Joyce A

Marvin Flowerman on tue 17 aug 99

Hi Dean:

Have you tried Steve Branfman's kiln wash?
2 Parts EPK
2 Parts Flint
1 Part Alumina Hydrate

Gives good results for me.

Marvin Flowerman (

Stephen Mills on tue 17 aug 99

I have to say (in amongst the commercial washes) that for me a fine
sprinkling of calcined china clay (Molochite) takes a lot of beating:
You tip it off the shelf after use into a bucket and re-use it next
time. You don't have to chip, grind, or chisel it off. You can flip
shelves without worry. It soaks up most of a glaze run (if you suspect
it's going to run you put a thicker layer on!). And 1kg lasts a helluva
long time! If you must wash, use 2 parts Alumina Hydrate to 1 part china
clay, and only re-wash when it starts to look thin.

Nuff sed

Steve Mills
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David Woodin on wed 18 aug 99

Not true, ITC was never claimed to be a kiln wash by the mfg. but can be used
on shelves to keep them from bending as much and to reflect more heat into
the pottery and the shelves can be turned over without dropping pieces of ITC
on the pots, also a lighter weight shelf can be used for cone 10.