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updated wed 18 aug 99


Jim Cullen on mon 16 aug 99

Just read this post at DEJA.COM

Are there any production/repetition throwers out there???

We at Louis Mulcahy Pottery are looking for experienced production throwers
to join our team on the Dingle Peninsula, South West Ireland to help produce
our wide range of pots.

For further details please contact Lasse at

This was posted 7/24/99

I've been to the Louis Mulcahy Potters and, if I was a production potter I'd
be trying to convince my wife to pack up and move. The Dingle Peninsula is
beautiful and rustic. Maybe with a couple of years of practice and with
retirement around the corner. Hmmmm, honey...where's the duffle bag?

Naperville, Illinois (the twins capital of the world)

Merrie Boerner on tue 17 aug 99

My daughter just visited Dingle, and wrote to me about the position. She
says it is a very quaint tourist town....about 2,000 regular
inhabitants.....thousands of tourists....and twice as many was
tempting, but my hubby wouldn't go for it. I have woodfiring on my mind,
anyway. If you are free, I'd say, look into it ! Merrie