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commercial kiln wash

updated thu 19 aug 99


Joyce Lee on wed 18 aug 99

> he commercial kiln wash that we were talking about was ITC and from reports
> by those who have used it, it is over rated and over priced, and they talked
> me out of it. I guess you are best off with what you are using.

Not my experience at all! You claybuds know that I'm still learning and
filling gaps in my clay education...but one thing I feel has really
worked for me as advertised, from novicedom to now, is ITC...which I
learned about on Clayart. Having too often glazed my shelves rather than
my pots, I would be up the creek if it weren't for brushing said shelves
with ITC on both sides, ends and posts.......sooooooo much easier to
clean off those experimental messes. And my gas fiber kiln, electric
kiln plus elements have both been sprayed with ITC. They're not just
surviving these toddling years, but do the job I hoped they'd do and
look great! Can't emphasize it was emphasized to me...that
you must follow directions in order to achieve desired results. So???
Even I can do that...with a little help from my friends. The new unfired
Geil will be sprayed and brushed, also. Wouldn't fire up without it.
Over-rated?, not even close. All my feedback concerned being
careful to not overdo and to know my kiln's needs before applying.
Over-priced? ......difficult to judge...but for me if an expense is a
one-shot deal...meaning I'm not going to be spraying my kiln before
every so many firings......and the actual dollars are relatively
minimal, meaning I have them in my pocket...and I'm happy with the
results...who's to judge? How much does a good pot cost anyway?
$10.00...$110.00.......$10,000.00??? Who's to say? I'd buy the $10.00
probably, but if I fell in love with $110.00 I'd buy it.....the $10,000
pot is for somebody else's wallet, not mine...but doesn't mean that
isn't a fair price for that pot...just not for me. Using ITC was one of
my better clay decisions......but talk to friendly souls at company and
do what they recommend if you choose to apply this refractory material.
I followed somebody's suggestion and repaired a large crack in a
largish, tall-sided, heavy-footed serving bowl with ITC...survived the
bisque fine, though a little rough even after being sanded...can't wait
to see if it survives the glaze firing.....and just how I'm going to
glaze it.

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