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pottery names and new sites (was pitcher lips)

updated sat 28 aug 99


Russel Fouts on wed 25 aug 99


>> ps What is the "potes" part of your pottery shop? <<

"Mes Potes & Mes Pots" is a play on words in french. "Potes" is like pals
and is pronounced like poht(?). "Pots" are pots and pronouced like Poe (as
in Edger Allen). Basically it translates to My pals and my pots. The two
things most important to me (not necessarily in that order)

Russel ("The print in that dictionary seemed a lot bigger when I bought it")

Found a GREAT site, "Kompass, International Business to Business Search
Engine". Remembered all those volumes lined up on a client's shelves (from
my previous life as a computer consultant). And guess what, they have a
site! But you gotta go to my page to find it (diabolical laughter)

Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 223 02 75
Mobile: +32 476 55 38 75

Linda Bryant on fri 27 aug 99

Russell.I like your"catchy" studio name. Mine is Stones Throw Studio in
Asheville,NC, home of some wonderful potters and very near to the Penland
School. It is a bit intimidating to be surrounded by so much talent,but hope
it will make me push harder. I really liked your work,very tactile and warm.
I do like handbuilt work, and do both wheel and slabs. I really like pots
that look like somebody made them. Maybe it is because I don't throw a
perfect pot. I had a teacher in Missouri [Gail Busch] who did phenomenal work
in terra-sig. She made these incredible teapots on teapots. I remember Louis
built her a ball mill that ran night and day. She was always burnishing.Her
husband is Louis Katz at Texas A&M, I think. They were great teachers.
Anyway you have a super site. Wish I had a month to go to all those links,but
will get to them I am sure. I put your site as a favorite, so I will have a
chance to look at them from time to time. My son is going to work on my
website, I am very lame on computers I did just build a car-kiln and last
week fired it for the 2nd time to cone 10. It fires beautifully. It is a bit
big for me about42cu ft. But I do love pots.. Thanks for your responses. Linda