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re; new studio

updated thu 26 aug 99


John Rodgers on wed 25 aug 99

Mark Issenberg said>>

I am going to be painting today after the low life, pond scum drywallers

finish.They spit tobacco juice all over everything and also throw cig
butts on everything else.<<<

Hhmmm!! Pond scum drywallers, huh. In the evolutionary history of the
world, some organisms never evolved. Could it be with pond scum

Twenty-years ago, I was in the house building business. And guess what,
I had pond scum drywallers. Drove me crazy. Favorite trick was to hang
gypsum wall board on one side of a stud wall, then go to the other side
of the wall, spit tobacco all over the back of the board or inside of
the wall, them hang more rock and cover it up.Disgusting!! I fought that
the whole time I was in the business. Today, my brother-in-law builds
houses......and guess what??......pond scum drywallers!!!

Mark, I wish you every anjoyment and sucess with your new
studio...........after you get the tobacco juice removed!

John Rodgers
In New Mexico