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toxic/a real story (fwd)

updated thu 26 aug 99


Monona Rossol on wed 25 aug 99

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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 14:16:28 EDT
From: mel jacobson
Subject: toxic/a real story
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in keeping with the line of `toxic` stories that many more
qualified than myself have been dealing with:
on our block in minneapolis....grand avenue from 26th street to 27th street...
all the kids, and that is 17 of them are dead. (all before 55, most in
their 40's) i can list the names. all died of cancer or related illness.

Interesting post. I'm going to Minneapolis to lecture at the Univ. of Mn and
happen to know there are three cases of bladder cancer in the art
department. That's essentially a cluster. Bladder cancer is associated with
the benzidine pigments and dyes. We have so many cases in Local 829, United
Scenic Artists, that I'm setting up a bladder cancer screening project for

Minneapolis also figured in misuse of methyl bromide pesticide fumigation
where residents were affected and one was killed.

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