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toxic/killer pots

updated sat 28 aug 99


Janet Kaiser on fri 27 aug 99

Hi Mel,

I can report that a friend of mine swears I almost killed him... Is that =

The offending article was a raku tea bowl with lid, which he took with him =
he went off to Prinknash Abbey (S. England, UK) to become a monk in 1978. He
took to drinking tea from said offending bowl several times a day and after =
months of declining health, first a doctor and then a specialist was called =
to find the cause... Lead poisoning was suspected and my little bowl was =
said to
be the culprit, as that was the only difference between his daily intake and=
other monks in the monastery.

I hotly denied it could be lead leaching from my bowl, but circumstances did
sort of point that way, especially when he gradually recovered his health, =
he stopped using the offending bowl...

Janet Kaiser
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