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updated fri 27 aug 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 26 aug 99

Hello from Denmark,
I have an electric kiln home now that I =22inherited=22 and my electrician =
has repaired and renewed.
Now it is time to choose the equipment for firing programs and safety shut =

Here many people use something I have no experience with. It is a gold rod =
melts if the temp. goes higher
than programmed. It is a safety shut off, but costs (150US) each =
to replace. Expensive if things
go wrong more than once or twice.

For electric kilns, I am accustomed to using a kiln sitter. As I remember =
my student studio days,
the small cone set in the 3 prongs melted when the temp. programmed was =
and shut off the kiln.

These are not commonly used here. But it seems like a simple and cheap
alternative to gold safety threads.

I am thinking about 2 issues.
Reaching the temp. and Kiln shutting off (cone in sitter bends, kiln off)
Safety back up if cone bends and for whatever reason kiln does not shut off
(does this happen or am I horriblizing?)

The other equipment I am looking at is an electronic controller. Example
Orton makes one called Auto Fire.
Is this instead of a kiln sitter? (dumb de dum dumb).

I have Orton's info, and will call them, but I would like to hear your
suggestion and where I can order it from in the UK
(or EU)?
An electronic controller sounds very good to me, easy and exact? But do I =
back up as far as an extra safety
for shutting down the kiln if the controller fails (is this a concern?).

The kiln I am firing is farily large, 260 ltrs. and I will fire bisque (06) =
cone 6.

Thank you in advance,