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call for del/mar/va artesians: new online retail gallery (long)

updated wed 1 sep 99


Andie on tue 31 aug 99

Hi! I have been watching with great interest the emails pertaining to
people's personal web pages and business web pages, and am now at the point
where I can announce mine, and hopefully get to work with some of my fellow
list members.

I am opening an online retail gallery featuring works in clay, glass and
perhaps handmade paper. I currently have three artists who will be selling
their woks through my store, which will be open for business within the next
month. I am looking for a couple more artists to help complete a
well-rounded inventory. This particular round of artists will be given
consignment contracts to last through the holiday seasons (i.e.: through
February). I would prefer to work, at least in the beginning, with artists
local to my area (Ocean City/Salisbury, MD), for the sake of easing shipping
and business costs while I'm still getting started. Here's what I'm looking

1) Work that is reproducible, thus able to be ordered in at least limited
quantities. (Note that this does not necessarily exclude all who are not
"production" potters, due to the handcrafted nature of these mediums, I do
not expect that all items will necessarily be identical.)

2) Work that is full of soul & spirit.

3) Work that is not exceptionally large in size.

4) I am especially in need of very unique, small items, as well as home
decor pieces.

In the future, there will likely have to be some sort of minimal viewing
fee, but for this first call, there is no fee to submit for consideration.
Here's what I would like to see:

1) Images of the work to be considered, up to twelve items. I'm open to
photographs, slides and jpgs, either via email or snail mail on disk.

2) A very short bio (no resume necessary).

3) A concise retail price list.

4) Contact information.

Here's how this would work upon acceptance:

1) An individual consignment contract would be agreed upon and signed. This
would include a commission to be paid to the gallery in an amount between
25%-35% of retail price. The exact % would be based on a sliding scale
depending upon the cost of the work. (Lower priced items having a higher
commission rate.)

2) Images of the work, either on disk or as color photographs, may need be
taken to suit the uniformity of artist's images on the site (solid
backgrounds, well-lit). I have a very low-cost photographer in my area who
is available to take these if necessary, or you could do them yourself. (All
photos will be approved before being placed in the store.)

3) Artist would have to be available to set dates for delivery of
merchandise to my area, so that it could be shipped via the store to buyers.

I hope to hear from some of my fellow clayarters - I'd love to include you
in this endeavor! I'm pretty open minded about what could be included, so if
you're not sure if your work would fit, please write and we'll talk about
it. If you are interested in submitting, please send an off-list email with
your likely form of submission (email, snail-mail,etc.) to:

dated no later than September 5th, 1999.
I will answer everyone who is interested and then arrange with each person
individually to submit materials.


Andie Carpenter