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charcoal wood kiln????

updated wed 1 sep 99


clennell on tue 31 aug 99

>Dear Tony,
>My name is Cornel Ticarat and I live in Romania, Oradea city. I'm deeply
>interested in building a Phoenix wood burning kiln as I want to produce
>wood charcoal. I only read on Internet about you having informations and
>practical experience in building and managing such a kiln. Or maybe you
>know another type of wood burning kiln better than Phoenix. I'm very new
>in this field of producing wood charcoal and for now I'm gathering the
>necesary technical information. My plan is to burn beech wood; there is a
>plenty of this around. Now, it is possible for me to get all of this
>information for starting from you? In Romania they are burning wood to
>charcoal but only using those old and ineficient metods I'm sure you know:
>covering a pile of wood with soil. And such a magazine as Studio Potter or
>another treating the subject simply doesn't appear here. I would be very,
>very grateful to you if you will send me these informations.
>Best regars,
>Cornel Ticarat

DEAR CORNEL: I have built a couple of Phoenix fastfire kilns but if I was
producing charcoal I was having a bad firing. My firings were to produce
pottery fired to cone 10 2380F. I don't know why you would build this
type of kiln to make charcoal but I'm going to send your request out to my
buddies on the clayart list ot see if anyone has any answers for you that
they will send directly to you. the Clayart list is a group of 3000 or
more? potters of varying degrees of knowledge. Perhaps someone will
respond to you. There are some very bright bulbs among the group and some
highly practical ones.
Hope you get some information.

"Cornel Ticarat"

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