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kiln lid coatings/peep hole placement

updated sat 4 sep 99


Bonnie Staffel on fri 3 sep 99 wrote:
original article:
> ----------------------------Original message-------------------------
> I would like to see the kiln designers add some metal sheeting, about
> same width as the soft brick, to the underside of the lid at the
> 2.5 x 4) Also, another 'cap' on the front brick by the handle. This
is to
> prevent the soft brick from being damaged when you prop the lids with
> posts or whatever you use when you crack the kiln and slowly raise
the lid.
> Now, most of my kilns look like they are smiling at me. I had some
made for
> me and after a few years they do get damaged by the heat, moisture and
> sulfur, etc, but can be easily replaced. or, I could use a heavier
> of metal. They do work but now I must have them fabricated or do it
> with some tin snips and scrap sheet metal.
Dear Steve, I have a suggestion in the location of the peep holes in
your DaVinci kilns. At present they are dead center right where I
place my shelf posts. I have to offset the posts if I wish to place
visible cone pats. Placing the peeps to the right or left of center
would be helpful.

Bonnie Staffel, Charlevoix, MI